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Mandala of The Noedic Web

by Bill M. Tracer
published on Jun 30, 2012

I created this image through a complex combination of Photoshop filtering and layering, after initially rendering the base image with the 3D fractal program, XenoDream. The final work of art bears little resemblance to that base image, and almost looks like an elaborate symbol of an esoteric secret society. Meditating on it, I found myself seeing it as symbolic of the complex web of the Cosmic Collective Consciousness. In ancient Greek philosophy the Nous was thought as the Cosmic Mind, or Primary Intellect. Thus, that of a Noedic nature is akin to this Cosmic Mind, this web of intellect interconnecting all consciousness throughout the Universe.

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#1 by Bill M. Tracer, Jul 4, 2012
Now available at Zazzle on these 3 product lines:

The Keychain At: http://www.zazzle.com/mandala_of_the_noedic_web_keychain-146853140476479119?gl=BillMTracer=238473618442528962

The Button At: http://www.zazzle.com/mandala_of_the_noedic_web_button-145049809693791879?gl=BillMTracer=238473618442528962

The Necklace At: http://www.zazzle.com/mandala_of_the_noedic_web_necklace-177412932586701823?gl=BillMTracer=238473618442528962
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