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Nelson's Barber Shop, Still; Mt. Holly PA

by Ralph Brandt
published on Feb 16, 2009

It was Nelson's barber shop when I was ten and it is still Nelson's Barber shop. Check the sign in the window. I am trying to learn if it is still being run by someone from that family. Nelson Sr. was nearly 50 when I was ten. His son was about 25 and was working there. They would be about 105 and 80. Gee, it gets brutal when you look at it that way. The shop in those days ran the depth of the house with four chairs and chairs to wait along the left wall. They had several other hired people who helped cut hair at times. One was bad enough that my dad would let someone else go first. He referred to him as a "part time hair butcher". I'm sure I don't have to explain that one. 40° 6'53.79"N 77°11'20.51"W.

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#1 by roxie, Apr 14, 2009
nindota gud
#2 by James, Aug 3, 2014
The shop is still up and running. A very nice gentleman named Ed is the Barber now. He's not the owner, but is the one cutting hair.
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