Chandaneswar Temple in Balasore District near Digha; Balasore, Chandaneswar, digha, Hindu, India, Shiva, Temple

Chandaneswar Temple in Balasore District near Digha

by indipets
published on Oct 22, 2007

Just eight kilometers from Digha, a famous sea retreat for average Bengals, lies and old temple of Shiva in the district of Balasore. This temple is old and do have its share of mythology and folklore surrounding its creation and its journey through time.

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#1 by Tourist, Nov 4, 2007
Did you not visit these places??
Lankeswari (14 km.) and Kapal Kundala Temple (45 km.) near Contai may be visited.
#2 by Lucy Lockett, Dec 15, 2007
It is spectacular and beautiful.
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