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Feeding Apples to Diamond

by Brenda Nelson
published on Sep 5, 2009

Diamond is one of the first sheep we purchased when we moved to the country. Here my teenage daughter is feeding her some apples as a treat. Diamond is a pet, but she does help trim the grass.

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Comments (8)
#1 by ken bultman, Sep 6, 2009
In a sense, they all tend to become pets, don't they.
#2 by Atikin, Sep 6, 2009
Aw, Diamond is a true diamond. She looks so rich (i mean her coat)
#3 by Anne Lyken-Garner, Sep 6, 2009
She looks very well cared for.
#4 by lostash, Sep 6, 2009
The perfect lawn-mower!
#5 by PR Mace, Sep 6, 2009
A diamond of the animal world. Nice shot.
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#7 by Ted, Oct 12, 2015
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