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Fractal Me a River Version 2.0 Variation Two

by Bill M. Tracer
published on Jan 27, 2011

I took an older version of a fractal image I created some time ago, and recreated it at a much higher resolution and in several different color combinations, in order that it might be suitable for my Zazzle Fractal Poster project. Eight variants emerged, as a result and my longest fractal series to date was born. This is the second variation in the series, “Fractal Me a River Version 2.0”. The original of this image is a much higher resolution over and above what you see here at this Picable page, so when printed as a poster the detail is of a fine arts quality. I used Vchira as my fractal generator and Photoshop for the post work, which included filtering, layering, the digital framing effect and the digital signature.

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#1 by Bill M. Tracer, Jan 27, 2011
This image is available as a poster at my Zazzle page,
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