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Gangsta Girl

by Young Canable
published on Dec 18, 2007

This is a friend of mine, when I saw this pic I knew exactly what to do to it, it was a black and white photo, and I colored it and gave it the cartoon affect.

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Comments (8)
#1 by anonymus, Aug 19, 2008
wow horrible...crappy photoshop effects
#2 by dont worrie, Oct 6, 2008
this girl iz butterz yh nd a sckt
#3 by rober, Jan 8, 2009
i like it very much, and you friend to!

can you say to she to add me:

#4 by taja, Feb 3, 2009
love it
#5 by Gangsta Diva, May 5, 2009
hey gangsta what are yo peeps are doing
#6 by Gangsta Diva, May 6, 2009
hey i like your pic what up
#7 by Me, Jun 17, 2009
Lmao how old is she looks like 12
#8 by Gangsta-Boy, Feb 13, 2010
Yeeah,,, i liike da pic homiee.. n' i likee yoour friend ;)

Da Gangsters RULEE'
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