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The Tipping Point Event

by Bill M. Tracer
published on Mar 29, 2011

This is an artist’s conception of what is known in Ufological circles as, The Tipping Point Event, an event anticipated in the not too distant future, when a UFO sighting will occur over a major metropolitan area, witnessed and recorded by multiple witnesses with video cameras, simultaneously. It is the kind of event that is thought to possibly force the hands of government UFO Disclosure. Using the 3D program Bryce I composed this piece. For the post work I used Photoshop, which included trimming the edges a bit, and then adding the embossed digital signature. I originally created this one as an illustration to go along with my article: Disclosure Critical Mass - found at: http://socyberty.com/paranormal/disclosure-critical-mass/

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Comments (2)
#1 by Subha Ganapathi, Jul 6, 2011
Great Photography sir..
#2 by Bill M. Tracer, Jul 6, 2011
Well, thank you, but actually, strictly speaking, it is not photography, but rather 3D computer graphic art; a kind of depiction of a projected potential future event.

Just the same, glad you like it, Subha.
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