Newborn Baby Chipmunk Being Hand Fed; Baby, chipmunk, cute, Hand Feeding, newborn

Newborn Baby Chipmunk Being Hand Fed

by lanne
published on Sep 10, 2008

My son came home today with three newborn chipmunks. They came into the automotive shop where he works under the hood of a Cadillac.

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#1 by Anne Lyken-Garner, Sep 12, 2008
Awwww. This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. He's actually holding the syringe himself.
#2 by Darlene McFarlane, Sep 12, 2008
Before you know it he will be grown. They never stop being cute but week old babies are very special.
#3 by Karen Smith, Oct 20, 2008
That is the cutest thing. I wish the baby chippies the best!
#4 by Ruby Hawk, Mar 10, 2009
Your son must love animals. Thats a neat thing to do.
#5 by Ashley, Sep 27, 2009
Hi my name is ashley and i am 13 i am home schooled and i dont have many freinds and i have been wanting a new born baby chipmunk 4 a very long time could i please oh please have 1 male p.s my phone number is 407-823-9406 and my email adress is ( prettyandpinkslick13@yahoo.com)please just 1=)
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