Oh,my Trash!; Child, people, photo, photography, picture, poor, poverty, work

Oh,my Trash!

by william rodriguez II
published on Sep 16, 2008

Looking for a garbage to sell at the junkshop.

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#1 by Unofre Pili, Sep 16, 2008
They are victims of poverty which is by large a social product not by their own doings.
#2 by MC, Sep 17, 2008
tsk.. poverty..
#3 by mae, Sep 17, 2008
Poor children! My heart ache, whenever I see something a child should not be doing.
#4 by Eunice Tan, Sep 17, 2008
Poor boy. What should we do?
#5 by nobert soloria bermosa, Sep 17, 2008
blame the corrupt government
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