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Execution of Fathers Burgos, Gomez and Zamora by Garrote

by Anni T.
published on Mar 7, 2010

The three priests, Mariano Gomez, 85 years, Jose Burgos, 30, and Jacinto Zamora, 35, executed at Bagumbayan Field on February 17, 1872. This is one of the wall sculptures around the Quezon Memorial Shrine in the Quezon City Circle.

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#1 by Jill Gadian, Apr 2, 2011
They are innocent.. They were only fighting for the secularization movement founded by Fr. Pedro Pelaes.. They were accused as the founder of the Cavite mutiny but the mutiny was really founded by Sergeant Lamadrid..The bad Spanish friars want to own the churches that time, and that incident has brought them the idea to blame it to the 3 priests.. They payed Francisco Zaldua to testify against the 3 priests.. As said by Rizal, if there's no 1872(Execution f 3 martyr priests), there will be no nationalism in Filpinos.. 1872 brought out filipinos to be united and fight for their last freedom bcoz of the spanish tyranny..
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