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Barn with Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign

by Ralph Brandt
published on Nov 21, 2010

Few remember these. My understanding of this is as follow. Mail Pouch tobacco would contact a farmer with a barn that could be seen from a main road to put a mail pouch sign on it. The company painted the whole barn and then painted on the sign. The farmer got his barn painted. The company got the advertisement. I think this practice ended when I was young, probably in the 1950's. This is the only barn I know of that still shows the paint job. In case you don’t know, Mail Pouch was chewing tobacco. In case you don’t know what that is the politically correct term for it is smokeless Tobacco. This barn is along the Susquehanna Trail north of York. Technically this is not a barn but a farm shed. DSC_4459-1.jpg.

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