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Who's Been Stealing my Cats Food?

by Brenda Nelson
published on Sep 11, 2008

Not a great photo - through the (dirty) window at night. For about a month we were aware somebody was stealing cat food. We thought it was a stray cat perhaps, but I heard a CRASH one night to discover this little guy/gal. I took the photo, the camera battery died, then I opened the door and chased it off. It was cute, I wish I had a better photo!

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#1 by PR Mace, Sep 12, 2008
What a surprise visitor. How did it get in? Good thing you didn't get sprayed. That is a hard smell to get rid of.
#2 by Ruby Hawk, Sep 12, 2008
You were lucky you didn't get sprayed. My brother was sprayed by a skunk when he was a teenager, my mother made him take off his clothes and rub himself down in tomato juice before she would let him in the house. He was an unhappy boy.
#3 by B Nelson, Sep 13, 2008
This was on the deck, my photo is through a dirty window, but he/she didnt even try to spray, and has not come back
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