A Beautiful Horse Running in a Field; animal, field, graceful, horse, nature, running

A Beautiful Horse Running in a Field

by Bob Shafer
published on Apr 17, 2007

A painted horse running through a field in Northern Michigan.

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#1 by James, Apr 17, 2007
Looks like it's falling.
#2 by lilbob, Apr 17, 2007
yea that is one of the kewl qualities of it. i actually took the pictuer witht he horse running, and instead of the horse being blurried the background si blurry

Sorry for bad typing lol
#3 by Francie, Aug 15, 2007
This is a truly beautiful photo of a horse!
#4 by Liane Schmidt, Mar 29, 2008
Wonderful action picture. I absolutely love horses. Nice work.

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.
#5 by ally, Sep 23, 2008
i love your pics haha lol
#6 by molly morrison , Dec 12, 2008
i love horses os much and i like your pichers! by molly!
#7 by uvhdiuvdehgv, May 22, 2011
گوی بخۆن
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