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The Vagina Flower

by K Kristie
published on Feb 23, 2009

I saw this tiny flower at the memorial park a month ago. I can't get a more vivid shot as it's a little above me and the sun is very bright. I'm not sure about the exact name of this wild vine. I remember during childhood, this abounds in the neighborhood vacant lots and we called it vagina-vagina when translated into English. I'll try to get a more vivid macro shot next time.

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Comments (17)
#1 by CutestPrincess, Feb 23, 2009
haha, whatta name!
#2 by rutherfranc, Feb 23, 2009
we have another name for this which is more explicit.. the sex act itself..
#3 by Launie and Melynda Sorrels, Feb 23, 2009
Pretty flower. Beautiful name. hehe.

Launie and Melynda Sorrels
#4 by kate smedley, Feb 23, 2009
Lovely flower though!
#5 by trishia, Feb 23, 2009
The power and intertwininig of Mother Nature is amazing.I don't recall ever seeing this particular flower.Thanks for sharing!
#6 by Joe Dorish, Feb 23, 2009
Love the vagina!
#7 by MJpatrick, Feb 23, 2009
Me too love it!
#8 by Majic, Feb 23, 2009
Hehehe! We have a lot of this type of orchid at home. In different colors too!
#9 by JK Kristie, Feb 23, 2009
Hmmm, Majic, it's NOT an orchid, it's a wild vine commonly called vagina-vagina.
#10 by Joshua Miguel, Feb 23, 2009
It surely looks like a vagina... lol
#11 by Likha, Feb 23, 2009
Wish all vaginas were this pretty. Violet vagina? I wonder. Hehe...
#12 by Vikram Chhabra, Feb 23, 2009
You should visit the Valley of flowers in the Himalayas. Its 10 miles long and 2 miles wide. Over 5000 species of flowers in that narrow strip..
#13 by Roanne, Feb 23, 2009
cute name ah...
#14 by edward, Feb 23, 2009
excellent close up photo...
#15 by macon, Feb 24, 2009
haha. cute picture.
#16 by papaleng, Feb 24, 2009
Whats in a name, it doesn't matter if its a beautiful flower like this one..
#17 by S, Apr 26, 2015
Looks kind of like a Clitoria plant. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitoria
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