Ocean Sunset; art, digital art, digital painting, landscape, michele cameron drew, ocean, ocean sunset, painting, seascape, sunset

Ocean Sunset

by Michele Cameron Drew
published on Nov 25, 2008

The colours of a dream.

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Comments (6)
#1 by eddiego65, Nov 26, 2008
Lovely pic!
#2 by Patrick Bernauw, Nov 28, 2008
Wow, this is great! Beautiful colours!
#3 by Tony Downing, Nov 29, 2008
All your pictures are a feast for the eyes Michele. Excuse my ignorance, but do you paint them yourself or are they digitally reproduced in some way?... However they are created, I'm a fan! ~T
#4 by dyann, Dec 30, 2008
Some of my most peaceful moments have been at the ocean, Michele. I just love scenes of the sea. Your photographs are so colorful. They are certainly worth the vist.
#5 by Aardaerimus, Dec 31, 2008
Gorgeous shot, Michele! I love this one :-)
#6 by Ken Leibow, Jan 24, 2009
Taking a pause and brushing away the complexities of a long day; and starting the evening fresh...
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