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Naked in my Front Yard During a Tornado Warning Not Getting Raped

by Brenda Nelson
published on Jul 8, 2009

The reason for this picture is a conversation in which a male said women should wear Burkas to cover themselves so they do not get raped. My response was that women should be able to walk around, or lay in the street naked and still not worry about getting raped. Welcome to Canada, where lack of clothing is NOT an excuse to rape somebody.

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#1 by Bo, Jul 8, 2009
Totally awesome Brenda,being friends with both of you,feel safe knowing I'm working with my young brother to help him along.....BTW, nice ass!!
I'm your age so it looks pretty good to me,and you just made my dog gone day,LMAO!!!!!!
You GO girl!!!!!!!!!!
#2 by Andrew Davies, Jul 8, 2009
I don't know I think I see a rapist in that tree, it looks kind of like a moose.
#3 by Duff D Moss, Jul 8, 2009
LoL - that has got to be the best picable submission title of ALL TIME
#4 by PR Mace, Jul 8, 2009
WOW! What a way to get your point across. You are some lady.
#5 by HelloSiti, Jul 8, 2009
You only disgrace yourself here, Brenda! As a reputable person, I won't do that!
#6 by Daisy Peasblossom, Jul 9, 2009
Too many neighbors who would die of apoplexy or shock here; sigh; wish I still looked that good. Point well taken; lack of clothing is not an invitation to rape. (Or necessarily for sex, as far as that goes.)
#7 by ken bultman, Jul 9, 2009
Point well taken. Since rape is not an act of sexual desire then clothing, or the lack thereof, is not an issue. I echo LMAO, although admitedly I don't know what it means.
#8 by Elizabeth Abbott, Jul 9, 2009
you absolutely get that point across. and ya didn't get raped. That rag head crap makes me sick too!!!!
#9 by Deep Blue, Jul 9, 2009
I like this. After all Triond didn't rejected it for acts of immorality. I've always regarded your writings as a strong view few women could write about. I'm just amused you will go cross borders in some PETA-like
campaign against the mass killing of animals to generate a lot of Fur.
#10 by B Nelson, Jul 9, 2009
I do want to say, this is NOT a racist post.. to Elizabeth comment #8, I never call people "rag heads" some things about Islam are very fine, this is not an attack on the religion (I dont much like ANY religion) this is only to show that some parts are not religious at all. Our bodies are our temples right? Be they the work of God or Allah or evolution, we should not be ashamed of them or afraid of them.
#11 by WriteEditSeek, Jul 9, 2009
Beautiful, brave, and creative response.
#12 by California Dreamer, Jul 9, 2009
Both of your photos surely must of made your point by now.
#13 by rajeev bhargava, Jul 9, 2009
i think you are a really brave girl,full of charisma and have succeeded in making your point. i just wanted to say i agree with you 100% and congratulations. your conscience is pure and that should be respected. well done!
#14 by lostash, Jul 10, 2009
Good heavens B!!!!
#15 by f-ing confused, Jul 10, 2009
Did I totally miss the point here? sorry
#16 by LPPK, Jul 16, 2009
If Muslim women wear Burka, it does not mean that Islam forces them to do so. Will it be right to say that your religion(Christianity) forces women to be naked(after seeing your photos).
By the way , I am not a Muslim.
#17 by B Nelson, Jul 18, 2009
to LPPK #16
oh my word NO... I am NOT a Christian.. what ever gave you that idea???
#18 by N Sixx, Jul 21, 2009
Man what a lucky bench
#19 by  , Jul 25, 2009
Bren you wanna go out on a date?
#20 by Ruby Hawk, Aug 3, 2009
B, you are a beautiful woman. Show it off girl. You certainly made your point.

I know I signed this before but it must have been one of those days.
#21 by PoeticAngel, Sep 6, 2009
I couldn't believe it! Very brave of you and you most certainly have a point.U go girl!lol
#22 by MCR, Sep 14, 2009
As rape is usually committed on women who are fully clothed, and then stripped naked by their assailant as a form of control and humiliation, a woman on a nude beach is less likely to be raped than a nun in a church. Also, rapists are intimidated by women who are self-confident and secure.
#23 by Aauhein, Oct 26, 2009
#24 by revmyk, Jun 2, 2010
this is an awesome and brave statement. very,very,very cool.
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