Actress Najeeba Faiz; actress, commander, faiz, jihadi, najeeba, najiba

Actress Najeeba Faiz

by Abdulhadi Hairan
published on May 27, 2008

Actress Najeeba Faiz with former Afghan jihadi commander Haji Din Mohammad.

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#1 by Rahmat, May 27, 2008
Amazing pic. These jihadi commanders have killed women for not wearing burqa and have destroyed little girls's schoosl during jihad era. Now he is proudly standing with an actress!
#2 by Janjalee, Jul 11, 2008
Look at Haji Qadeer looking at Haji Deen mamad womenizing :d ahhaha. i gues he feels jelous .
#3 by Khalid , Oct 7, 2008
That is Good. She is an Actress and she must be given that much honour to stand with a Chief Minister.Haji Din Mohammad is the CM of Kabul.So it is a honour.
#4 by Habib IIMS, Nov 24, 2008
WOW ohhh no what a beauty hay i love ur sister shabnam where is she say hi from me to her
#5 by Khan Safi I.I.M.S, Jan 17, 2009
iam from afghanistan live in peshawar pakistan your sister looking very beutiful and preety i want to friendship with her i like it so much that is looking uare couple i like it so much uare little sister also very beautiful AND PREETY
#6 by Farhad Ayubzai, Feb 1, 2009
My dear Brothers,
This is not good that using some negative language about some one's sister and about najeeba so she is very good and talented and this is a credit for her that stand with CM of kabul and iam also from afghanistan and lived along time in pakistan and please do not say more about some oncs sister this is not good show ur ability then use these words and najeeba faiz is not from pakistan i think she is from kandahar afghanistan so i also like najeeba faiz but this is once again not good

#7 by khushal shinwari "speenghar", Feb 24, 2009
That is Good. She is an Actress and she must be given that much honour to stand with a Chief Minister.Haji Din Mohammad is the CM of Kabul.So it is a honour
#8 by medical student, Feb 26, 2009
dear i love your photos very much because oyur are just like my beloved who is just like you and she is also a medical student
#9 by Shafique Ahmad (Essar), Mar 30, 2009
Now look at the jehadi!when he used to grow shorter beared, he was a tighter muslim and on contrust now he is weak in applications of islam cause he he got a longer beared. what an amazing change did he get as mentioned by my brother during his time of jehad he used to kill girls like her, but now? I personaly really apreciate the courage of najeeba faiz but be careful sis don't try making pics with anyonne else like him!cause they may harm u. Though u can take pics with jehadis who r now in afghanistan's GOVT like Syaf....etc
Personally I request Najeeba sis that plz don't carry-on shooting films and imm-moral drammas because it damages ur curltural personal image in pakistan and afghanista plz .... keep going on TV Host
#10 by kevin PIETERSEN, Apr 5, 2009
that,s great & honour 4 najeeba faiz standing with cm of kabul.. dir muhammad..plz najeeba keep hosting avt khyber show,s dont come in private dramas it wil damag u r career then u wil no value in in own town...........thnxxxx
#11 by Ahmad Gul, May 1, 2009
I find some statements very ignorant. Some of you might do not know the history of Haji Din Mohammad and his family's long historical service for their country. His family is mentioned in Afghan history books and they did not just emerge during Jahid era but if you are literate enough than study Afghan history of Amir Sher Ali Khan's era where Haji Din Mohammad's grand father Arsala Khan was the Afghan Foreign Minister in 1869. His great uncle General Taj Mohammad was one of the commanding officer at the Battle of Maiwand along with Sardar Ayub Khan. His another great uncle was first Afghan Ambassador to Tsarist Russsia. His two uncles Haji Zaman Khan and Mohammad Rafiq Khan were the members of Afghan parliament(7th Session) and many other civil servants. I would suggest read about your history and than open your mouths.
#12 by Ajmal Khoganai, May 1, 2009
I had the previlage to work with Haji sahib Din Mohammad and I am amased to see such irresponsible statements about him by some of you. I found a very wise and descent man. He is a true Afghan and he proved through his character. I agree with Ahmad Gul that Haji Din Mohammad is from a very distinguish historical family and in many ways different than other Jahidi leaders.
#13 by najib , Jun 27, 2009
hi am nwu
#14 by najib rahmati, Jun 27, 2009
hi najiba janiزه له تانه كومك غوارم najiba_pd@yahoo.com
#15 by Rashid Khan, Dec 10, 2009
Haji Din Mohammad was never involved in such activities of killing women. His family has been very traditional and openminded in an Afghan traditional manner. He's not and never was against women education. He's one of the few Jihad leaders who didn't take part in Civil War, Looting, murdering and soo on. Before taking such stance provide your source of when he killed women. Also about his beard, Mashallah it looks good on him, and in Afghan cabinet we need some traditionalist who can bring an Afghan way of reform against the Western elites that are running the government. Haji Din Mohammad is a very respected tribal leader, and a genuine politician. Some blame him that he didn't do much for Nangarhar, well the province was in peace, during his time he didn't get any funding, the USAID and CIA funded only their politicians who were on their payroll. So therefore I, from Jalalabad was much more happier with Haji Din, rather than Gul Agha right now. At his time, we wouldn't have boys being danced at the governor's palace, at his time Alcohol was not on the streets the way it is now. So the folks inthe city might b happy with Gul Agha for building some roads, well Haji DinMohammad could have done the same by collecting at the borders for building infrastructure. If he would have done that, the people, the businessmen would blame him for high prices in the market.
#16 by sami, Dec 14, 2009
u r so hot and sexy girl i like u very much
#17 by Tariq, Jan 16, 2010
I am an afghan I know This Family very will not only This haji sahib
The son of Haji Qadir Haji Zahir is also accused in such activetese
This Girl Has been seen many time With These People
#18 by s p, May 16, 2010
#19 by shoiab aziz, May 27, 2010
i liked it alot. she is very barave. i think she proved that girls are not less than anybody. her brother imran faiz is my best friend. i know this family very well. i have met her.
#20 by jamil khan, Jul 27, 2010
hi najeeba my name is jamil khan shinweri za ta sara meena koom aw sta sra malawedal gwarm ta yaw zal ma peshawer ada kai ladely we ta islambad ta rawana we ta neqab kry wo ta zama deera khwakha shwe plz cont me zama e mail ad sadafcandel@yahoo.com plz masara rabta okra
#21 by shoaib aziz, Sep 9, 2010
hey you bloody ali what the hell are you talking. dont you have sisters in your home that you are talking like this. you stupid she is your paukhtoon sister and you shud not talk about her like this. just think with you that is it fare. you shud say sorry to her. if you see my mesage and if you really is human than you will say sorry ok
i hope you got me. she is very nice girl we shud not think negativly about her. if she is working in media so what there is nothing to do with that i really proud of her braveness
#22 by Raja, Oct 3, 2010
Awesome...a pure natural beauty....
just watched her 1st time in a serial....still balancing my senses after watching her.....BEAUTIFULL
#23 by umar pardesi, Oct 15, 2010
#24 by faiz, Oct 16, 2010
She is really a bitch
#25 by , Nov 14, 2010
Haji deen Muhammd is not bad Man. The world Knows Him. He Has sacrifice his brothers, son and other family members for afghanistan....Please be careful Taking about respectful people of afghanistan
#26 by harun shenwaray, Nov 23, 2010
Haji din mohammad is a very honest man.the poster is representing him in a wrong sense.

i have been working in the jalalabad qasr(palace)and i never see him involved in bad things.

female journalists comes to palace from all around the world but while they took interview from haji saib Din mohammad,i could see the "sharafat" honesty in his eyes. unlike our current governor(gul aga) who stares to the female journalists like a hungry dog.

those who thing Haji din mohammad didn't do anything for jalalabad i totally disagree with them....

atleast we had no "kosyanee" in the palace at his time and no "mordagao khanas" in the city. (This is a fact and sorry for those who are hurt)
#27 by attaullah zazai, Jan 5, 2011
haji din mohammad saib is a very honest and descend person but the media and some of his oppositions are not representiong him in a right sense...God knows when will these propaganda stories finishes in afghanistan........
#28 by nadeem, Jan 9, 2011
najeba sanga hal thy za sta sara mena kawam aw sta sara wadah kawal ghowaram
#29 by ikram , Jan 27, 2011
#30 by www.nasirfastgroup@yahoo.com, Mar 19, 2011
I like you my dear najeeba.you are so beautifully girl in my mind.zindagee
bar khush raoo.mairay dowa aap K sath A.zargai mo da ghuaree si lathso sara molakath wakam.khu khudai khaber wasy ka yaa.
#31 by www.nasirfastgroup@yahoo.com, Mar 19, 2011
I like you my dear najeeba.you are so beautifully girl in my mind.zindagee
bar khush raoo.mairay dowa aap K sath A.zargai mo da ghuaree si lathso sara molakath wakam.khu khudai khaber wasy ka yaa.
#32 by munir sajid [khushab], Jul 8, 2011
i love you najeeba...
#33 by Hamayun, Jul 13, 2011
I remember when this picure was taken. we all (AVT khyber team)were visiting Afghanistan and and also visited Haji sahib.He is Great man. I dont agree with that crazy comments above.
#34 by Liaqat, Oct 20, 2011
Najiba is a very cute and smart.may she live long
#35 by Zohaib Hafeez, zohaib_hafeez@yahoo.com, Jan 11, 2012
My dear love Najeeba I love u.Aslam u alikum!jnb ap kahan gum hain hum to ap ko dakhne kalie hi tras gae hain.ap se aik shikwa hai ap dance q krti hain jb ap dance krti hain to mujhe bohot dukh hota hai men ap ko apni izat smajhta hon & ap hain bhi mari izat.aik aur bat k ap urdu q nahin bolti hum urdu hain is lie ap ko urdu bolte dakhna chahte hain.kia ap ki shadi ho chuki hai? agar nahin hoi to men ap se shadi krna chahta hon kia ap mare se shadi kren gi.plz apni net par bio graphy to bhajen urdu language men ho q k humen pashto nahin ati ye hamari badkismati ha
#36 by nangarhar, Mar 24, 2012
Haji Din Muhammad is very nice and pious person. before spreading lies just think about akhira because you will be asked about it.
#37 by ashraf aloko, Sep 17, 2012
haji saib is aur leader.and he is very good personality. everyone respect him but only less people who dont like him because they thing he didnot did anything for jalalabad... they are stupid they think only few road in the city is everything for jalalabad.. all atraf (distriks) have become worst. no security now. before when he was governor it was no problem. also airport was with him not americans.. americans removed him because they want puppet to listen to them (like sherzai).
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