First Women on Earth? the Story of Lucy.; to make you know about the story of the first women on earth.

First Women on Earth? the Story of Lucy.

by Megap
published on Dec 9, 2008

This is lucy. Lucy is considerd the first women( australophitectus : Man of the south in latin) We say she lived in the years - four 500 000 and she was our grand grand grand - mother. Lucy was murdured by an animal in the sea, we found her body laying in the water in the south - est of Africa. Why do we name her Lucy? Simple, the scientistes who found her named her Lucy because they liked a lot the song : Lucy in the ski diamonds by the beatles. Sources( in french) : http://www.xena.ad/adcan/tremols/australopitheque.htm Traduction : By me, I did a great project on this, so I decided to make you know guys.

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#1 by Rhonda, Dec 1, 2009
Nice work ty
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