A Late 1800's Farm Home and Barn at Taxville PA; barn, brick, digital, farm, historic, home, house, nature, Pennsylvania, photography, Taxville, tractor, Vegetables, york, york co

A Late 1800's Farm Home and Barn at Taxville PA

by Ralph Brandt
published on Feb 11, 2009

This farm is featured by an article about Pennsylvania farms. The structures are discussed and how these worked together in the operation of the farm.

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#1 by Ruby Hawk, Feb 11, 2009
A beautiful place, Wouldn't it be lovely to live there?
#2 by hfj, Feb 11, 2009
Nice picture. These old homes have a lifetime of history of the people who occupied them over the years. Well done.
#3 by Ralph Brandt, Feb 11, 2009
In the next couple of days I will be putting up a writing about Pennsylvania farm life that uses these Taxville pictures as a basis - along with others. I have to put up the pics, then the doc, then link them. The pics will reflect the links to the doc as well as vice versa.
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