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Standing Naked in my Driveway Not Getting Raped

by Brenda Nelson
published on Jul 8, 2009

A picture of myself naked, why? Because of a recent converstation/debate in which a young man thought women should wear burkas because if they do not they might get raped. I replied that lack of clothing is NOT an excuse to rape somebody. A woman should be able to go out with (or without) clothing and not get raped. Although my van is dirty, this picture is clean.

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#1 by Alistair Briggs, Jul 8, 2009
That will tell him. lol
#2 by B Nelson, Jul 8, 2009
my socks are clearly too tight normally....
#3 by Bo, Jul 8, 2009
Ha ha friggin Ha!!! I love it!! Talk about proving a point!!!!!!!! Holy Moly!!!!!!!!!!!!All i can say is you let your hair grow a little from your profile pic!!
#4 by Andrew Davies, Jul 8, 2009
Really? I know there is a rapist about to jump you from under the car.
#5 by rajeev bhargava, Jul 8, 2009
well done! i'm so glad you got the message across. congratulations!
#6 by Duff D Moss, Jul 8, 2009
I think your socks are too tight
#7 by purnomosidhi, Jul 8, 2009
creative :-)
#8 by PR Mace, Jul 8, 2009
Again, outstanding way to get your point across. I am proud of you. My husband is ready to take nude shots of me to post. I don't think I am as brave as you.
#9 by Daisy Peasblossom, Jul 9, 2009
You are technically correct on the "clean" part for the photo. Everything that would normally be covered by a bikini is taken care of. The van will wash off in the next rain. I know I'm not that brave.
#10 by ken bultman, Jul 9, 2009
You said it. No pic, it didn't happen.
#11 by Elizabeth Abbott, Jul 9, 2009
The point made. What does he have to say now! LOL. You are brilliant!
#12 by California Dreamer, Jul 9, 2009
Wow, one way to get your point across, and yes I totally agree, it is not only the women who go out and strut it that get raped, what about when your read in paper or hear on news, elderly women in their home, attacked, raped, and murdered. I do not think she was strutting out in a little bikini when it happened!
#13 by kate smedley, Jul 9, 2009
so inspired!! I think you are very brave doing this ... we should start a trend! ... very good message.
#14 by thestickman, Jul 9, 2009
Great way to prove a point. Kudos for convictions. :-)
#15 by Deep Blue, Jul 9, 2009
I see a lot of naked protesters to go green and save the environment. I wouldn't think you give it a try. Anyway you did it beautifully. A very sane thing to do since the Naked Office ( a TV show which featured a business firm with naked employees in UK after being advised by a psychologist to increase their performance rating).
#16 by Phill Senters, Jul 9, 2009
Great way to prove your point! Now we need to see the other guy in his burka.
#17 by HelloSiti, Jul 9, 2009
I thought you wanted him. I won't ever do that although it has been allowed in my second life now.
#18 by lostash, Jul 10, 2009
Very brave, and a great way to get that message across B!!!
#19 by Ruby Hawk, Jul 10, 2009
You have a beautiful figure and nothing to hide so go for it.
#20 by Kimberly Moore, Jul 25, 2009
Great Photo and Statement!!
#21 by Matt Bonadio, Apr 20, 2010
You have a great way of making a point!
#22 by jay, May 1, 2011
shouldn't i be able to go naked where ever i want to ...i think so
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