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Mazda Rx7 Abstract

Abstract Mazda Rx7.

Bicycle in the Sky

Do ya see the bicycle?

Running Alien

An alien caught on camera in Declo Idaho.

Mosaic One

A mosaic painting I made on a site where your mouse is the paintbrush, and it never stops painting. You don't get to choose the color it switches to either. A one stroke painting.

And the Rockets Red Glare

Fireworks on The 4th of July.

Water Pollution and Solution

Water is not as clean as it should be, harmful substances called water pollutants are constantly being released into the water destroying the life in water ways and also harming us. Our mission is to help prevent water pollution so that there would be a safer place for us and for the marine life to live. join us in saving wildlife, and in saving our nation for a better and healthier world for the next generation.


Bon Odori ,Japanese festival at Esplanade, Penang, Malaysia.


Bon Odori...Japanese festival at Esplanade, Penang, Malaysia.

Edited Bleach Character

I edited this character on photoshop.


My iphone I drop it and 802.95$ to the drain it brock. Apple iPhone 3G Black 8GB AT&T.

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