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Four Cup Alone

Why I hate to use glass? Its because I love to use cup.

How to Get Telekinesis

Practice meditation. Focus your gaze on a fixed point and keep it there for as long as you can. Every time it wavers, gently bring it back.. Practice visualization. Look at a simple object, then close your eyes and visualize it. Try to "see" every detail of it. Take a feather or something else light and insubstantial, hold it in your hand and memorize every detail of it. Place your object on the table. Mentally try to push it. Imagine a pulse of energy coming from your chest, head, or hand and shoving the object. Try it with your eyes closed. Imagine reaching out your finger and pushing it. If it didn't, close them again and try a different image. You can, for example, picture the feather moving by itself instead of imagining your finger pushing it. Getting frustrated will break you out of the state of intense focus needed for your task. Keep at it.


Another Abstract thing from me...


Get hypnotized!!!

Worm From the Apple

I didn't know what I was drawing at the time, but it looks like some weird worm coming out of an apple...

The Scribble

Something I scribbled.

Purple Lightning (look Out, It's Zorba)

It's truly amazing what was done with the effects...it's Zorba Clextron's method of travel.

Counter Strike Source - RCON COMMANDS

Rcon stands for "Remote Control". Rcon gives total control over your server. It is a very powerful tool, so we suggest only giving the rcon password to those people that you completely trust. To use Rcon, login by typing the following command, replacing "yourpassword" with the Rcon password on your server. Remember - You must type rcon in front of any rcon command you are using! For example: rcon say hello world LETS START!!! RCON Login rcon_password yourpassword Change Level changelevel map_name Status users Kick Player Name kick name Kick Player ID kick#number Ban Player ID banid time #number Server Password sv_password password Restart Game sv_restart time Restart Round sv_restartround time Round Limit mp_roundlimit number Round Time mp_roundtime number Time Limit mp_timelimit number Say something though server say text.

Lucid Dreaming Vision

An image made usig GIMP.

Silly Thing

This pic has red, blue, and white mixed together and around...........?

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