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Scooter playing with ball.


I was driving back to New England, and I got a little lost. I saw this on the side of the highway.

Raging Waters

Raging waters.

Winter Waters

Winter waters.


Pensamentos corrompidos, nação corrompida..

Sleeping, Dead, or Playing Possum

A friend and I were fooling around after 8th grade graduation and decided to have me lay down on the grass with a rose and take pictures of me. But what we found out was that, it being the right time of the day, it actually looked like I was laying on the ground dead.

Best Picture Ive Ever Taken

I took this in the middle of the road, got out of my car and took it in columbus, nj.

Philadelphia Drexel Sky

A park by drexel university and the city behind it in philadelphia and I just took it. edited.

Graduation Pics

This is our graduation pic. ECE BATCH 2007.

Ece Day

When my classmates perform during OECES general assembly.

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