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Holly Quran

Holly quran with single candle light in dark room.

Las Vegas Hotels

One of the many fabulously lighted hotels in Las Vegas!

Magic Glow

Magic Glow.

Santa Monica Pier - Glow - Mad Hatter

Santa Monica Pier - Glow - mad hatter.

Santa Monica Pier - Glow

Lights from ferris wheel Santa Monica Pier - Glow - ferris wheel.


Blue light - Santa monica glow.

Santa Monica Pier - Glow - Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica Pier - Glow 2008 Lights from ferris wheel.

Abstraction Love

It's a valentine's day abstraction.

The Lonely Light House

This is an old disused light house on the bank of the river humber.

Deep Thinking

It seems that she is thinking very deep.

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