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UFO Sighting Over Atlantic

I took this picture during operation leprachaun assualt,March 3rd,2009.

If I Didn't Know any Better....i'd Think This Guy Was a Sports Fan

I have over 80 ballcaps of different teams in professional sports,most or probably half are the San Diego Chargers.


Water reflects.

Giant Birdhouse

Yep that's me standing by the largest birdhouse I have ever found.

Traditional Wedding

Lil sis looking good.

An Unquiet Mind

I wrote this about a psychotic time in my life, in between medications treating me for bi-polar and schizo effective disorder.

Decoupaged Mystery Boxes

I decoupaged my art onto this box.


A picture of the pavillion at Parvins.

"Lost" by Ricardo Perez Jr

"Lost" by Ricardo Perez Jr.

Betrayal 2010 by Ricardo Perez Jr

Betrayal 2010 by Ricardo Perez Jr.

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