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Tribal Tattoos

Street Tattoo.

Dermal Chest Piercing

I got this done and absolutely loved it. It barely hurt and healed well.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

At the time I created this I did not have a scanner and instead took the picture with my webcam. The original has been lost and I am currently working on another tattoo design.



Acidsworld Tattoo

Logo I made up for my tattoo book.

Second Half of Az Tattoo

Tattoo's I've done.

Tongue Piercing to a Whole New Level

This takes a whole new meaning to "zip it"

Simple Tattoo Design

I decided to draw a tattoo design last year. I thought about getting it but then decided not too. I hate needles!

Fake Toughness

Bald head? check! Grimace? check? Levis arm band? yep! fake tattoo? hehehe check!

Born Free

My soon to be tattoo... i was born free and I will live free.

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