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This is What Ugly Looks Like From Close Up!

Boo!! are you scared? I know I am.Pam,your dogs can't eat me either,they probably wouldn't want to.Ha Ha! Matteo Feo!

The Growing Ability of The East West Economic Scare

Inevitable decay of civilization scared the West and pushed him to the exclusion of Arab and Muslim world so as not to face the fate of the world, who drew on his hands Sciences, and acceptance that he took on the hands of the Arabs and Muslims of that science, means with means it will face the same fate and construed to decay as Al Arab and Muslim world in the past, a believed to be unique in his or her own and it has to be immortal, and that in his confession also must be ashamed of what he did in the Arab world from colonization and exploitation of its resources and the falsification of history, so it is clear to seek permanent exclusion is subject to a lot of reasons not the least deny the possibility of that happening to him what happened to his mentor, not the best of it that enumerates the differences and rally potential in the case of confessed thanks to the Arab and Muslim.

Dark Light Effect


Dark Espresso Medicine Cabinet

New medicine cabinet.

Hope or Illusion?

What do you really see here? Is it hope to get in the light from dark or just an illusion?

Dark Green Leafs

Picture of Dark Green Leafs.

No Fear

No fear.

Psalm 34:4


Light in The Dark

Dark is lightened up.

Dark Orbit Art: Vengeance Collage

My collage of alot of cool Vengeance Art!

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