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One Crew

His job is only do like this so that they can the idea...=D.

The Cute Little One

A cute little girl.

Two Girls

Two girls.

Busy Studying

Guiding children properly is the best care for the parents to attribute to their siblings. Facilitate the kids in doing their assignments and studying lessons is one of them. As what they say, "Parent is the first teacher of a child".

Kung Fu Kids

They are not Chinese. They are mere ordinary local kids struggling to have the ability of a chinese kung fu master. Unfortunately, they need first a long long way of hardship in training before getting into the world of kung fu experts.

Pirata 5

Piratas y princesas.

Pirata 4

Piratas y princesas.

Princesa 3

Piratas y princesas.

Kid Falls Asleep

Kid gos nunights.

OOOHHH Look at That

Kid looks at life through another tubes view!

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