Water Sports

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Great Falls Kayaking

Two people kayaking in Great Falls.

An Albino Squirrel (pure White)

I saw this pure white squirrel and thought it was super cool! Do you?

Calming Waters - the PERFECT Wallpaper

I took this picture off the Minuteman Bieway probably was in Bedford MA, couldve been Lexington. It's so beautiful!


I met this guy while I was scuba diving in Hawaii!... Just kidding! A small shark, in the aquarium of Crete, Greece, 2006.




Sailboat on Gulf of Mexico.

Coloured Canoes

Brightly colored kayaks on the grass.

How NOT to Water Ski

When I lived in Wyoming my friends took me to Seminoe Reservoir. They actually taught me how to water ski, but mostly I looked like this.

Fallen Pier

Collapse of a pier at the Martinez Marina in Martinez, California. Photo taken on July 9, 2007.

Water Drop

A drop of water.

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