Water Sports

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I met this guy while I was scuba diving in Hawaii!... Just kidding! A small shark, in the aquarium of Crete, Greece, 2006.




Sailboat on Gulf of Mexico.

Coloured Canoes

Brightly colored kayaks on the grass.

How NOT to Water Ski

When I lived in Wyoming my friends took me to Seminoe Reservoir. They actually taught me how to water ski, but mostly I looked like this.

Fallen Pier

Collapse of a pier at the Martinez Marina in Martinez, California. Photo taken on July 9, 2007.

Water Drop

A drop of water.

Philip Dunay - Winning Captains Cup Series

Me after I won Captains Cup Series, a while back in my dads office.

Wintry Noosa Again

Aussies love the beach any time of year, any season. Notice however that no one is going into the water, we leave that to the crazy people, or people wearing wetsuits.

White Bunny

White bunny.

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