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New Lattices

We have protected windows by new lattices.

New Lattices

We have protected windows by new lattices.

Becky's New Friend

As you guys know,My little kitty and her sister have very different personalities.Beck started biting and licking his legs and arms as soon as mama took her out of the bag,Jessie got scared of it.For a better understanding of my special kitty.click on the following link,there is also a more recent Becky story written about a week ago,you can find it in my profile a few pages back,she's the most amazing cat in the world. http://www.gomestic.com/Pets/Becky-Superkitty-and-Jessie-Ballerina.425571.

Vigeland Norway

The family in Norway.

Scottish Girls Dancing

A photo from my trip to Scotland.

Caterpillars Sago

Caterpillars sago in the Seram Island Maluku - Indonesia serve as side dishes of food, they believe the sago worm has a high protein content.

Kangaroo Island of Aru

Aru islands that are geographically close to the continent of Australia, have in common in animals, one kangaroo. on this island there is only a difference in size kangaroo, kangaroo from aru island is smaller than from Australia.


The process of making copra.

Aru River

Aru river in the Island.

The White Parrot

The White Parrot.

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