Chase Steenburg

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Here is a closeup of the firepit in which you can really start to see detail in the log being burned and how cool the flame looks!

Green Boat

The title pretty much says it all. It's a green, plastic, toy boat. I guess I just explained it in more detail.

Growing Cornfield

This is a cornfield behind my house. It is actually a square field in the middle of a residential plot. I live in Illinois, corn and bean fields are everywhere.

Rose Bundle

Here is a picture of a bunch of rose flowers all growing together.

Spiky Furry Flower

I titled this picture like that because I don't know what kind of flower it is or see a picture of one at least close to it.

Tiger Lily

Hey look! I actually know what it is! Haha. This is one of quite a few I had growing in my front garden.

What a Bum

This is my dog, Dante. He is a four year old Miniature Italian Greyhound. He's pretty lazy and not very bright either.

Above the Clouds

Just a cool looking picture of fluffy clouds with clear blue sky above them.


A closeup of some rocks taken beside my driveway.

Big Clouds

The clouds in this picture are very large and puffy with a little ground in the frame to show their scale.

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