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Tricked Out Nissan Altima Picture Two

Okay I kind of lied, its more of a Nissan Altima with Rims and Pinstriping on it.

Tricked Out Nissan Altima Picture Three

I painted the Valve Cover of my not-so-tricked-out Nissan Altima.

Sweet House on the Sims2

House #1 of the sweetest houses I have made on the sims2.

Very Cute Pumpkin

A pumpkin my little sister made with the help of my mom.

Cute Magnolia Warbler Bird

A picture my friend took while the bird was on her finger.

Really Sweet Body Kit Design for a Toyota Supra

A sweet kit I made on photoshop for a toyota supra. Tools used: Paint Bucket and Pen tool then stroked the paths. Here is the link for the high Resolution Picture: http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/9202/supradesignmr3.jpg.

Very Nice Saleen S7 Pencil Drawing

I drew this Saleen S7...Maybe someday I will shade it in. The picture below is the picture I used for reference so people know I did not trace it.

Very Sweet Ferrari Enzo Pencil Drawing

My Drawing Of A Ferrari Enzo. This is one of my favorite drawings just because it has a good "mood" to it.

Arizonian Mountains

See, Arizona is not in the middle of nowhere.

My Sweet Halloween Pumpkin Carving

A sweet pumpkin my dad carved for Halloween in 2007.

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