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Closer Together

We are never far away from each other.

Love Me

Love me because you love me.

Spending Life with YOU

Im happy to be with you.

A Taste of Spontaneity (Unplanned Trip to Zamboanguita)

So this was one way that our "spontaneous selves" got us... Being with these long time friends can really heighten up your happiness... and will allow you to experience the real essence of joy and fun!!! With the way these brains worked, we surely came up with one heck of a weekend getaway... and we're definitely sure that more will come, just wait till our brains go to hyperdrive.. some time soon, we suppose??? hehehe... -- Dora and the Explorers.

I Do

I really like to edit photos for some events, or just for friends... This was one my creations... Combining three photos as one, to make the sample prenup photo more beautiful... :)

Melason Christmas

I've always been a fan of Melason, Melai and Jason... They are celebrities here in the Philippines... And I'm one of the graphic designer of there fans club... :)

Floyd- Mysteriously Defined

A simple picture, blend with the beauty of nature and creative features of art...

Picable Picable
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