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Chef Salad Recall September 1, 2011

Recall Release CLASS I RECALL FSIS-RC-079-2011 It is at uttermost importance that everyone take heed to this warning. The 5.6 oz. plastic bowl containers of "Thornton’s Quick Café’s Chef Salad" with an "Enjoy By" date of "09/30/11", "10/02/2011" or "10/03/2011." This item has been recalled, and is high risk of salmonella poison. You need to take the products back to the store for a full refund. Please do not eat it anyway.

In God We Trust

Removing the Public display of the Ten Commandments, In God we trust, and Christmas is an abominable thing to do. It serves to say that without written guidance, will allow even more crime and chaos to enter into the world. The United States has many Historical Monuments, and they won’t remove those. Some people are offended when they see a rebel flag, or the mention of things relating to war and freedom. Pearl Harbor will always be remembered. 911 and many other important days. Having the Ten Commandments is not just a religious thing, but a first form of Law. Don’t kill, steal or commit adultery are not hard rules to follow. In God we trust is not offensive to anyone except somebody who gets offended easily. If we don’t like a certain song on the radio, we tune to another station. There are greater reasons to keep these syndicated things in our world. I don’t offend atheists by swearing allegiance to God in an offensive way. Keep these sayings sacred or chaos will breed.

Eminem Dead

The White Rap Artist from Detroit Michigan is not dead. Some people have been asking if Eminem is really dead. The answer is no. He is alive and well. He must be eating Cocoa Puffs with Insane Clown Posse, and Kid Rock, over at the Beastie Boys house. If he was dead he would be chillin with Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrixx.

Crime City Cheats- Looted Vehicles

My research continues with some more interesting hints for Crime City. Vehicles you get from loot. Pier 13, El Bario, Sister Snake, Arena's. The list gets more exciting. La Rambla Project site. When you go to a new city, boss, or arena loot at the loot available. You might be saving money by staying on a level until you have it mastered to level 5. When you are in a level and click each job, the loot will come out. When you finish a level tier you will also receive loot. Each level progression gives you a better chance of getting a better vehicle.

Crime City Hints (9/22/2011 Updates.)

Experience I found out something to help me get more experience to go up a level or two a day. You get more experience, money, and Respect when you win fights in the Arena. Goals also give you experience, and money. Sometimes a free Mafia Member, car, armor, or weapon. Buying your Stadium 9,000,000 cash, 500 Iron. My advice to you is rob buildings that yield Iron from a reward. Don't spend anything unless it is to upgrade your income. It may take several days, but it's worth it. Energy and Stamina You need to build a Fitness Center, and Coffee Shop, and upgrade them all the way. Add new members to your mafia. When you get skill points try to get at least 500 for energy, and at least 100 or more for stamina. As you follow more goals enemies with their names in red will cost at least 120 energy and need to be attacked several times. Henchman If you cannot get a lot of people to add you, complete goals to get free Mafia members.

Law & Order "Special Victims Unit"

Special Victims Unit portrays the process of people who have been victims of Sex Crimes. This show has received much attention. Similar to what really happens in real life. The police find the victim, and hunt down the suspect. Michaela Mcmanus the lovely District Attorney uses her impressive curves and education to convict bad people. Dr. Wong who was in the series “OZ” as a priest, becomes a Forensic Psychologist, and digs into the mind of a killer. Ice-T as the tough street cop from the hood possesses skills and strength to break down the criminal into confession. Stabler and Benson team up to catch all the sick perverted pedophiles. This show gives the public education regarding sex crimes. This show is good to let people know the Mens Rea, and Actus Rea of a child molester. Whatever sex related crime is in these episodes from the beginning. Be sure to watch the new season. The show is aired on N.B.C. And look at your local Television Guide for details.

Platonic Relationships Teach You About Love

Many people including myself have friends with people of the opposite sex. The relationship is not sexual in any manner. Even if the person is attractive the other person will not cross the line. This is one element required in a marriage. Control over your body so you won't fall into the trap of having sex outside of marriage. Long term Platonic friendship have obtained a large amount of communication and interaction to keep the relationship for such a long time. Husbands and wives need to communicate and interact with each other to keep their marriage healthy. People learn about likes dislikes and other things for future reference in their own lives. We need to keep Platonic relationships alive in our world, because it teaches us about love.

Top Selling Items in The United States

People ever wonder what items get sold the most? on E-bay the most sold item right now is Console games like X-Box, Wii, and Playstaion 3. Milk is one of the most sold item in a grocery store. T-shirts are the most sold clothing item in the United States. Nike is one of the most selling brand of shoes. Honda Accord was rated the most sold car in March 2011. However Toyota Camry is in lead position again. Finally Hershey bar has the top spot for most popular candy bar. This may vary in different countries, but I have given what I saw during research.

The Famine for The Word

Amos 8:11"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD." Churches are experiencing revival, while others are stagnant and dry. Small towns that don’t have a large population are suffering from no revival. The anointed word is not getting preached or taught in some churches. Numbers fall into complacency and forbid to keep the lamp burning in the Temple like Eli sons. Preaching cd’s are available for The Times Of Refreshing, and you can also watch preaching on youtube. Without this the famine will reach homes where dedicated Christians will have to decide to leave to go where there is word, or stay and die. You need to leave. Don’t die lost in a dead church.

Crime City Hints

Collections, Rackets, and skills are desperately needed to go far in this game. Buy buildings that give a high payout rate in collections after collecting the items needed to Trade-In. If you buy several of the same buildings it will increase your chances of getting more items, and complete goals, and collections. Setting rackets for five minutes give you a chance to use them more, but the more upgrades you buy, the more benifits you get. When you gain levels it is useful to set your energy to 300, and have a high Stamina for fights. Invite many players from forums, and send items everyday. Upgrade your bank, and resource buildings all the way. This includes Boosts.

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