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Fox and The Hound with a Twist

A re imagining of my favorite childhood movie through my now grown eyes.

Basset Hound

Brisco the Basset.

Border Collie - Misty

Misty, my dog. She has beautiful eyes and fur and is very loving and playful :)

Black and White Dog

A dog...

Bloodhound Relaxing

Daisy relaxing after a hard day of searching for snacks!

Proud of Her Kids!

Annabell, the good "ol hounddog is awfully proud of her two kids! They are pretty stinkin" adorable.


Good 'ol hound dog!

Bassit Hound Puppy

This is Biscuit a Bassit Hound Puppy.

New Blue Tic Hound

My 10 week old blue tic hound mix.

Dogs Holding Hands

Blue Tic Hound Puppy and Schnauzer Lab Mix holding hands on the bed.

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