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Dee's Bridal

This is a shot from one of my Bridal Albums. Ms. Dee absolutely loved her pictures.

Little Lee Lee and Her Dad

This picture was taken during a family portrait shoot. I was able to capture Lee Lee having an awesome father/daughter moment.

Kim Kardashian Love Her Fans?

All they want is a simple retweet and follow, maybe even a "hello."


Life is super awesome when you chase your dream and follow your passion..

If It Bleeds

Made this for fun, thought others would like it too.

Just Me

It's just me.

Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

Got bored in psychology class.

Me~ Black Beauty 2014

Updated photo of myself January 2014.

Its Me

How handsome is me?

The Three Sisters - Blue Mountains

Blue mountains the three sisters in Sydney, Australia.

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