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How sweet is this, my daughter and nephew, exactly 4.5 months apart, sleeping together.

The Third Picture of my Adorable Puppy!

Just what the title said. This is the third picture of my adorable puppy Clay.

My Puppy

My adorable puppy Clay!

The Smallest of the Litter

She was the smallest pup of the first litter. But she made it.

Frogs Kissing

This image is of a Green Tree Frog located in Australia kissing a ceramic green tree frog under a pond fountain. Adorable.

Puppy's Asleep

An adorable puppy takes a nap after a long walk.

My Puppy

Japanese Chin puppy resting on plush Alpaca rug after a walk.

Japanese Chin Puppy

Puppy Face.

Cutest Puppy face

A close-up of my Japanese Chin puppy face Oliver.

Six Weeks and Smiling

This is my third child who is only six weeks and is a real little angel as you can see she is already smiling.

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