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Sleeping Cat

Sleeping cat on the floor, very funny.


My cat, Topher, modeling as always.

Siamese Dreams

Very happy and sleepy Siamese kitty.

Cute Cat

Cute cat.

Guilty Kitty

He really does look guilty, doesn't he? It also looks like a parrot was mauled in my house. I had a ladies night party, and got some cheap feather boas at the dollar store - you blinked and the feathers fell off of them. The kitty had fun checking all those feathers out though.

Most Adorable Kitten Ever!!!

Bengal kitten.

The Cat Making Love

The cat making love, theris two cat making love..the black cat and the white..twice is so beatiful.

Fractal Art Seven (Lion Pride)

Fractal 7, Lion Pride.

The Guilty Party

Our black cat Ebony gets into mischief. One day my husband left a roll of toilet paper on our bed and left the bedroom door open. Ebony when he can likes to go in and lie on our bed and take is "Cat Nap" Only this time he found something to play with. He had been in there maybe 15 minutes. I walked in to put away some folded laundry and he is lying in the midst of the mess acting innocent. Aha. You have been caught naughty cat. Soon as I put the clothes away he jumped down and made a beeline for the back porch to hide out.

Bonnie in The Sun

This is a picture of Bonnie, a Russian Blue/Calico mix kitten, warming herself in a sunbeam.

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