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Sometimes the things that go bump in the night can be quite interesting.

Such a Sweetie

My old cat loved his lilac bush, even when it wasn't blooming.

Too Distracted to Notice

My old cat is so absorbed in smelling his lilac bush that he doesn't notice the butterfly just above his head.

Smell Goods

My old cat was a sucker for the lilac bush, even when it wasn't in full bloom.

Hosta Punching Bag?

My old cat plays with the flowers from a hosta plant.

Black Cat Charm

A beautiful black cat crossed my path.Is that good luck?

Funny Cat

Look at this! Since when do cats sleep in sinks?

Cat in Headlock

Look at this cat put a little gray kitten in a headlock! Just adorable.

Cute Cat

An adorable gray cat. Use it for those e-mails of cute cat/dog pictures.

Cat in a Box

What can I say? Its a cat in a box. Use it for those e-mails of cute cat pictures.

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