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Kitty in a Chamber Pot

Kitten curled up in a chamber pot. They certainly do find the funniest places to sleep!


My sister with a cat.

Stressed Out Cat

My cat badger laying with my husband with a stress pillow under my cats head.

Outdoor Caא Enclosure for Thunderpaws!

I built an outdoor cat enclosure for my cat, Thunderpaws. He's a cutie, but he's also a troublemaker, so to keep him out of trouble, I built an enclosure, so he can keep going outside.

Mommy and Her Babies

The Mother cat with her four kittens.

Motherly Affection of a Cat

Feeding her kittens.

Nice Cat Picture

A nice cat picture.

Loveable Cat

I love my cat.

I Love my Cat

This arm is really a drag...

Who, Me?

Cat caught red-pawed.

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