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Walk of Fame on The Square

In Glasgow, Kentucky we honor certain people. The Walk Of Fame is that place where we celebrate them!

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Just for Him

Made it for his 1st birthday with me, it was so touching because hubby cried that time when I gave him a surprised birthday party with this handmade gift. He says no girl ever celebrated his birthday or ever made him anything special to keep in his memories before...so sad but ive made him the happiest man on these earth that day. Will never forget that year 2008...




Encouraging words, wow, way to go,super, great & fantastic.

Leeds Players Celebrate

Leeds united players celebrate after scoring in a Championship game at Elland Road.

Grandson in Santa Hat

I do not promote Santa, and they know I buy the gifts at my house, but in their home Santa comes. My grandson looks so darn cute in the Santa hat that I had to share. Don't forget Jesus was born on Christmas and that, truly, is the reason we celebrate. May God’s peace follow you into the New Year. MERRY CHRISTMAS<><

Happy Hannukah 2010

Happy Hannukah 2010. Have a safe and spinning good time this holiday season.

One Way Just Celebrate

And that is all together.

Cat Happy New Year

Funny cat celebrates New Year.

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