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Strolling by The Boulevard

A couple strolls by the Boulevard one sunny afternoon.

Street Vendor

A Street Vendor walks down the boulevard selling his wares.

Boulevard Bw

The Dumaguete City Boulevard. They say Dr. Jose P. Rizal once walked through here.

Why Would I Smile for You?

Two street kids allowed me to take their picture, but the boy wouldn't smile.

Children at Play

Not everything in life costs money. Some things are free. These kids are playing in a public place... which is actually a cemetery. Yes, we have playgrounds in our cemeteries.

Sleeping in Cemetery

Some people can't afford a bed. The cemetery has nice lush green grass.

Flag in Parade

A parade contingent with an indigenous instrument painted like the Philippine flag.

Land Boat

Kids playing on a fake row-boat during the Buglasan Festival.

Bahura Beach Resort

Located in the town of Dauin, Bahura Resort & Spa nestles in the heart of a sprawling, five hectare beach-side coconut plantation. It is 25-minute ride by car from the Dumaguete airport, and an hour's drive to spectacular cave explorations, cascading waterfalls and whale & dolphin-watching centers.

Spiritual Garden

A 35 foot statue of Virgin Mary by the highway in front of Jo's By The Sea.

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