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Turquoise Contacts

So I gave color contacts a try for the first time. They looked sooo cool! I had two main problems though: 1: Putting them in 2: Taking them out I have always had perfect vision, therefore I have never needed glasses, therefore I have never needed to wear contacts, therefore I had no idea what I was doing, therefore OUCH! It took me about an hour to get them in and then when they were finally in, they were uncomfortable! It felt like I had a million eyelashes in my eyes! And taking them out was a trip to, I ended up just squinting my eyes in a bunch of weird ways and basically just pushed them out. So, those parts were not fun at all. The sad part is, I will probably wear them again because they looked so cool.

Cat Eyes

Close up of a black cat's eyes.


This is me :)

Crazy Eyes

My puppy with crazy looking eyes.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye tutorial.

Buckeye Butterfly

A beautiful buckeye butterfly at The Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts.

Your Eyes


My Avatar Cartoon Creation

I created an avatar using hp smart media.

Alien Eyes New Age Charlotte

This is a graphic manipulation of an eye for New Age Charlotte.

Fully Committed

Fully committed.

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