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Who's Cryin' Now?

Journey lyrics.

Best Seller!

"Alien Harvest" is unlike and stands alone like my other books, however is different because of the subject matter. It creatively involves the earth being gardened by the aliens for many centuries, and yet humans had no idea! The story starts out with a normal family having dinner and a radio emergency blaring that the middle east might attack. Further along within the story it is known that it was not the middle east at all, but outer space, aliens. The aliens come to earth to harvest what they have delicately grown. The reaping is conducted with acid rain to melt the skin and soften the bone. People literally smolder to death and a scent floats through the air attracting the aliens and leading them to their meal.

Unknown Spiders Fighting

Some spiders fighting.

Fighting Cartoon

The picture of fighting cartoon.

Grand Theft Auto China Town

Screenshot from Grand theft Auto china town for ipad.

Grand Theft Auto China Town

Image from Grand theft Auto china town for ipad.

Bright Blue Male Betta

This is an acrylic painting I did of a male Betta fish. Betta fish are also called Siamese Fighting fish. They are often kept in stores in tiny cups. Please do not buy from these stores, try to look for a store that sells them out of larger jars. This way you can show you do not support stores keeping them in tiny cups, and hopefully the stores will change their ways.


Fiendish Orc.

Stephanie's Crowning Moment of Awesome

That epic moment in the Red Robin/Batgirl crossover when Tim realizes the current Batgirl can take care of herself.

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