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Fractal Art Five (Leaves)

Fractal Art five (Leaves)

Fractal Art Three (Fire Petals)

Fractal Art three (Fire Petals)

Fire Sparkles

Fire sparkles awesome with micro camera.

A Picture of Love

Well, I am in a depressed mood right now. I saw my beloved girlfriend Saturday since I ate at the restaurant she is a hostess at, but because she was working we didn't get to really talk. Other than that, it has been since May since we've been together in person. Over the summer we've Skyped and Facetimed a lot in secret of her family, because her family isn't allowing a relationship between us. Anyways I have been a bit upset because I miss her so much right now, and honestly am crying because of how much I love her and how much making this image meant to me. Katina, I love you, and I don't care what your family says.

Wood and Its Ashes

When the winter gets "cold" the fire rises & the wood turns into ashes.

American Airlines Event Arena

This is a pic of one of the most organized event buildings in the U.S.A.

Candle Flame

A black and white shot showing a dim candle flame.

Wooden House Fire

An abandoned wood house burns next door to a concrete and steel home.

Still Small Voice


Lake Michigan Pier

This is a picture I took of a pier on the coast of lake Michigan in early March of 2013. The clouds look really cool.

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