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Global Warming

Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide (co2) and also carbon monxide (co) and the worst of all methane which is 75% worser then co2. global warming may heat up the planet and also may freeze the planet into over next ice age which will lead to millions of deaths. the earth may freeze depanding on the atlantic current because the weather is shifting raidly and also if the atlantic winds shift faster the earth will enter its next ice age! this will lead to destruction people must act now!

Silver Willow

This Willow tree is coated with a thin layer of ice.

Cold Mourning Dove

A mourning dove huddles down on an icy branch to try and stay warm.


A close up shot of some ice cubes in a bucket.


Printed winter in window.


A flower frozen in time.

Ice beauty

Like crystal or minerals

Ice beauty

Like an ice bouquet.

Ice beauty

Flakes of ice almost three dimensional

Ice reflect

Ice pattern in my window.

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