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Horserace Start Gate

A startgate with empty of horses used for starting race.

Night Drive

An abstract look at driving at night (not edited other than the name in the corner.)

Train Ride

2008-12-02 (094-02) Train Ride.

Train Ride

2008-11-24 (01-03) Train Ride.

Celebration in Motion

A movement I captured yesterday in my church. Red and green were dominating colours.

Give Me the Food!

Gulpy trying to get the last little bit of food out of the can.

Fluttering Butterfly

Black swallowtail butterfly fluttering on some dying bee balm.

Bee Leaving Flower

This poor bee had enough of being photographed. He climbed to the center of the flower and flew away!

Bye Bye Butterfly

Just as I went to shoot this picture the butterfly decided to fly! I still think it makes for an interesting shot!

Two Yellow Butterflies2

I was able to catch a few pictures of these two yellow butterflies interacting together.

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