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Marigold Flower Yellow

Marigold plant with yellow Flower. Tagetes Marigold Flower.


A glance looking up through trees from ground.

OLD House in Rain

Just a quick pic of house through rain covered glass.

Long Gone

Some trucks that were just left out in the fields.

Outdoors One

Some outdoor shots have taken.

Beauty in The Small Things

No matter the size, Mother Nature shows that all of her creations are beautiful.

Nature's Silence

A place where you can hear the nature's silence. A scary yet comforting silence.


Even the tormenting weeds can be beautiful.

All-seeing Eye

Even in nature, we are being watched. I believe it's one more of God's ways of making sure we're okay.

Crossing The Bridge

Sometimes, all it takes is a little push to get us to the bridge. There is so much for us on the other side of it.

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