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The Long Story Draws to a Close QR Code

A poem about the long story coming to an end. This poem is embedded in a QR Code image.

Path to the Woods

A trail commonly found in any type of woods.

Raven's Rest

The first year after building our new home, I took this pic and used it as our Christmas card. My poem TWINKLE http://www.authspot.com/Poetry/Twinkle.340119 was on the inside. I used the iPhoto on my laptop to alter the image.


Looking for the love and finding the same old thing.

Boise Mountains

Boise Mountains.

Somewhere Down the Road

My Poetry and Photography.


My Poem and Photograph.

Poem..did You Ever Have a Pony?

Just remembering back on a time when riding and competing was fun. When you get older and compete, it starts to become work. I competed in barrel racing for years, till it wasn't fun any longer. So I bought a smooth gaited horse and just enjoy trail riding in the woods with my buddies! Did you ever have a pony You ran around the cans Weaving through the poles Ignoring all the fans? Did you ever have a pony Who always did his best Smoked all the other ponies Kept up with all the rest? Did you dream with that pony Of an end of the year award That big high point trophy Or that saddle you could never afford? Did you and that pony The one that you called Harry Have the most fun of all When competition wasn't scarry?

My Sea Dog~

I had a dog with a black spot sit on a log her name is Scott she likes to watch me blog and ride in my yacht loves the fog helps me tie a knot She is my sea dog.


Two sleep.

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