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If Only I'm a Wind

Wind is everywhere. It is readily available as long as you want. A gentle wind that soothes your warm feeling... If I could only be a wind, I will hug you all...

A Few Good Friends

An interesting visual poem.


Man pulls his head off. not too happy about it any more.

I Want to

Double-layered visual poem.


Crickets sing, birds chirp, mice squeak, crows caw, cows moo, horses neigh, sheep baa, and children play Outside.

Cute as a Button

This sweet little girl saying "no way" Is laughing and giggling her own playful way A hug and a kiss and the words "love you much" Lets me know that she loves me and off she struts So soft and sweet smelling she struts right along Singing every word to her favorite song Yet when this little girl with wild blonde hair Is in a bad mood she gives me the glare This little girl, skin so soft with a pinkish hue Is cute as a button, at the tender age of two.

Moon and Stars

A simple poem about the kinds of thoughts I have whenever I am alone and looking up at the night sky.

Teddy Bear

I kiss you every mornin'. I kiss you every night. I put you in my arms and hold on tight. I talk to you before I go to sleep, but you just lay there and don't make a peep. I tell you my thoughts and how I'm scared. I tell you I love you, but you just never cared. I'm always in tears, but you just stare. I don't think you listen, but you're always there. You're just stuffed. I know you're not real, but thanks for listening to all the ways I feel.

I Will Love You

I'll love you today I will love you tomorrow Through all this pain And all the sorrow I stand by your side but you walk away i try to confide but you're mad today while you yell i try to stay strong but I break down in tears and frown all day long you don't love me you say you do but all you do is hate so how can I believe you even though we yell even though we fight i still love you at the end of each night you have so many bad things to say about me. it makes me depressed this you should see if I didn't give you love you wouldn't be here today all your hatred made me this way try to compliment not put me down wouldn't you want your girl to smile rather than see her frown?

Our Little Cabin

Our little cabin sets in the woods, our little cabin holds all our goods. Built by our hands its quite a sight, it keeps us warm both day and night.Its filled with love, its filled with peace. Our little cabin is on solid ground.

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