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Birds Hang Out

Birds hang out.

Elsword Signature - Raven

PC Game-themed signature for Raven, Blade Master class. Made in Photoshop.

Bad & Ugly Raven

Raven like make noise.

My Oc - Ryan

OC means original character for those who aren't familiar with the acronym. He's an elven demon character I guess. :) His discernable traits are black hair with purple bangs, black eyes, and upside down crossed under his eyes (markings). He likes to cosplay, which he is doing in this picture, as a Slytherin student lol. He's quite shy until you get to know him, but he rarely trusts people either way. He's a Harry Potter/dark-side fanboy ^^. And that's about it. He was, as many of my other characters created out of boredom, but there you have it lol.

Photoshop Elsword Signature All Characters (My Current One)

Hope you enjoy it ;D.


Raven draw with pencil only.

Raven Wolf

I love Ravens, Crows, and Wolves. Crow and Wolf are my totems, raven occassionaly. I created this seven years ago with Paint Shop Pro and wish to share.


Bird on a tree.

Raven on Snow Day

Snow day, saw this bird up there.


A picture of a crow in a tree extending at least twelve floors(apt/stories) high in the sky.

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