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I Dont Have a Short Temper

The fine time memories of a real love story.

The Final Smile

Getting it Right sometimes takes a minute.

Cute Before Work

A picture of me before going to work.

Cute on a Cloudy Morning

A picture of me on a cloudy day.


And to think, Shakespeare didn't even know my girls!

Dag The Fishlike Thing

Channeling extinct fishes on a Sunday.

Selena Gomez's Flat Booty

Well, kinda flat to be honest.


Idk my bangs wasn't working so I did a high ponytail to keep them out of face and from looking completely wack.

Purple Tank


Meet Mr Tabbins

Mr Tabbins is a feral cat that we have cared for now for almost a year, he showed up totally wild but learned that food means love. We did have him neutered but he lives outside, we already have six other cats. He does not have good house manners at all, but has a warm cat house, and two barns to pick from.

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