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The Exotism of Stone Mining in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

This is one of the picture that I take in some place in Tuban-Indonesia. This is the picture of stone mining traditionally.

Java Traditional Wedding

The Java Traditional wedding from Indonesia.

Traditional Long Tail Boat

Traditional Long tail boat, Krabi, Thailand.

Bullet is My Passion.

Royal Enfield - Bullet.

Traditional Cambodian Food

Delicious Traditional Cambodian Food.

Bullock Cart

Bullock cart or in local dialect called "kereta lembu" now hardly seen as technology replaced traditional transportation.

Indonesia Traditional House

House just a traditional Minangkabau house. This house just has characteristics that are very distinctive. The form is essentially a rectangular block that expands upward. Lines melintangnya curved and sloping sharply lower with the center. Curved roofs are very sharp like buffalo horns, while the curved body and the ramps as the hull. Roofs made ​​of palm fiber. The roof has a curved and pointed upward is called gonjong. Because the roof is formed gonjong, the house just called home bagonjong.

Traditional Health Benefits of Watermelon

Traditional medical and nutrition health benefits of watermelon. Watermelon is the most famous summer fruit which is mostly harvested in tropical areas. It is was traditionally harvested in China and India but now it is available every where in the world. It is found mostly in round and oval shape, there are more then 13 types of watermelons are harvested in various parts of the world, rounded dark green and white zebra are the most famous types.

Odrot Musical Art

Musical Art that influenced by Islam performance art, usually staged at the wedding reception or circumcision.

Slompret, Reyog Instrument

Reyog instrument. almost similar to the trumpet.

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