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Rachel and Dave Cross The Finish Line

It would be impossible to fathom the emotional roller coaster that Rachel and Dave went on toward the end of "The Amazing Race" (Sun., eight p.m. ET on CBS). They were looking to set a new record for legs won by taking their eight leg, and the million dollars. And they hit the finish line to the cheering of the eliminated contestants. However... What a terrible time to find out that they'd missed a Roadblock! Even more shocking was when they went back to do it, Rachel quickly flew past Art on a Hawaiian sled and then just as quickly finished up the task. No one had ever been sent back from the Finish Line, but to get sent back and then come back and win it all anyway is nothing short of astonishing.

Amazing Race

For the finale of the 20th season of "The Amazing Race," Vanessa and Ralph took fourth place in the first hour and left Rachel and Dave Brown, Art Velez and JJ Carrell and Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly competing for the one million dollar prize in the final leg. The final leg had the racers finishing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they got to rappel down the Waterfront Towers and then save a distressed swimmer (not a real distressed swimmer) in the ocean. Rachel Reilly of Team Big Brother has a meltdown after the rappelling task that doesn't quite end with her crying in the bushes, but it's still pretty great. After the distressed swimmer challenge, Rachel and Dave get taken to the wrong next section of the race and they paddleboard across a huge lake to the finish line, where they run to the finish mat amidst the applause of the eliminated teams. But they are turned away by Phil because they missed the last Roadblock and have to go back. Oh goodness, that sucks so bad.

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